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Mc2 Saint Barth

Mc2 Saint Barth Women's Casual Dresses - Long Dress - Pink

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The Mc2 Saint Barth - Long Dress women's casual dress is an elegant and versatile garment, perfect for any occasion. Made in pastel pink, this long dress is characterized by clean and minimalist lines that give a touch of sophistication to every outfit. Made with high quality materials, this dress fits perfectly and guarantees comfort and freedom of movement. With its simple yet sophisticated design, the Mc2 Saint Barth dress is a must-have for every female wardrobe. Wear it with a pair of sandals and minimal accessories for a fresh and feminine look, or combine it with a leather jacket for a more rock look. With the Mc2 Saint Barth - Long Dress women's casual dress you will always be at the top!

Composition: 100% Cotton
-- Product code: NDA001-05082F
Color: Rose
Size: M
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