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Other (Sea & Pool) Unisex Mc2 Saint Barth - Jacquard Beach Towel With Fringe - Green

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The jacquard beach rug with fringes by Mc2 Saint Barth is a unisex accessory perfect for days at the seaside and pool. Made of 100% cotton, it guarantees softness and absorbency, ideal for drying after a refreshing dip. The rug features a green jacquard design that adds a touch of style and originality to the summer look. The long fringes give a boho-chic touch, perfect for completing your beach outfit. The product code FOUT009-05211D uniquely identifies this garment that cannot be missing from your summer collection. With the Mc2 Saint Barth beach rug you can enjoy the sun in total comfort and style.
Color: Green
Size: YOU
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