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Gallo Men's Socks - Men's Short Co/Ea Light Ri - Multicoloured

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Gallo men's socks are an essential item for every male wardrobe. With their composition of 100% high quality materials, they offer you maximum comfort and resistance. Product code AP502141-12947 gives you peace of mind that you are purchasing an authentic, superior quality product.

The style of Gallo men's socks is unique and distinctive, thanks to their multicolored pattern which adds a touch of liveliness and originality to your outfit. The short length and lightness of the fabric allow you to wear them comfortably on any occasion.

The elegance of Gallo men's socks stands out in every detail, from the refined finishes to the vibrant colors. Wear them with a pair of elegant shoes for a refined and impeccable look. Don't give up on quality and style, choose Gallo men's socks for an extra touch of class to your clothing.
Color: Multicolored
Size: YOU
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