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Gallo Men's Boxer - U Basic Boxer Co/Pl Gray Mel+Elas - Grey

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The Gallo Men's Boxer - U Basic Boxer Co/Pl Gray Mel+Elas - Gray is a piece of men's underwear that combines style and comfort impeccably. Its composition, made up of 60% cotton, 33% polyester and 7% elastane, guarantees an excellent fit and a pleasant sensation on the skin. The product code AP510845-11775 uniquely identifies this boxer, which stands out for its elegance and refined design. Perfect for the modern man who does not want to give up comfort but also wants to wear quality clothing, this boxer will be the ideal companion for every day. Combining high quality materials and a sober but sophisticated aesthetic, the Gallo Men's Boxer - U Boxer Basico Co/Pl Gray Mel+Elas - Gray proves to be an essential garment for the man who takes care of every detail of his look.
Color: Grey
Size: 3XL
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