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Gallo Men's Socks - Long Man Co/Ea Leggerissim - Multicolour

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The Gallo men's socks - Uomo Long Co/Ea Leggerissim - Multicolor are an elegant, high-quality item of clothing, ideal for completing any outfit with style. Made with a composition of 76% cotton, 21% polyamide and 3% elastane, these socks are extremely comfortable and light on the skin.

The product code AP103160-30911 uniquely identifies this model, characterized by a multicolored design that gives a touch of originality and personality to the look. The style of Gallo socks is refined and sophisticated, perfect for those looking for classy and elegant accessories.

Wearing Gallo men's socks - Uomo Lungo Co/Ea Leggerissim - Multicolore means investing in a high quality product, with attention to detail and designed to best enhance men's clothing. With these socks, you will always be impeccable and fashionable, without sacrificing comfort and practicality.
Color: Multicolored
Size: YOU
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