Gallo Men's Socks - Long Man Co/Ea Lightweight Fantas - Grey

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Gallo men's socks represent excellence in the world of men's underwear, offering a perfect mix of style and comfort. The product code AP514012-12139 identifies the Men's Long Co/Ea Leggerissimo Fantas model in an elegant shade of grey.

Made with a 100% high quality composition (not specified), these socks give a feeling of lightness and softness on the skin, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the day. Their imaginative design gives a touch of refinement and originality to the men's outfit, adding a touch of class and personality to the look.

With Gallo men's socks, get ready to stand out with style and elegance on every occasion. Perfect for the modern man who does not give up attention to detail, these socks are a must-have for those who love wearing high quality garments that stand out for their exclusivity.
Color: Grey
Size: YOU
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