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Gallo Men's Socks - Men's Insole Co/Ea Leggerissimo Fant - Multicolour

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The Gallo men's socks - Men's Insole Co/Ea Leggerissimo Fant - Multicolor are characterized by a high quality composition, perfect for guaranteeing comfort and resistance. With 81% cotton, 18% polyamide and 1% elastane, these socks offer a soft and light feel, ideal for wearing throughout the day.

The reference product code for this item is AP508362-11779, which uniquely identifies its type and characteristics. These socks are made with careful design work and attention to detail which makes them a true symbol of style and elegance.

Thanks to the multicolored pattern, these socks will add a touch of originality and liveliness to your outfit, whether you decide to wear them on formal or informal occasions. Not just an item of clothing, but a real fashion accessory that will not go unnoticed.

Choose Gallo men's socks - Men's Insole Co/Ea Leggerissimo Fant - Multicolored for a refined and fashionable look, which stands out for its quality and style on every occasion.
Color: Multicolored
Size: YOU
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