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Blauer Men's Jackets - Short Taped Jackets - Blue

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The Blauer men's short jacket is the emblem of style and elegance in a single creation. Made with high quality materials, this garment is characterized by a sophisticated and refined design, perfect for any occasion.

The composition of the jacket is 100% of the highest quality, guaranteeing comfort and resistance over time. The model features a shade of blue that gives a touch of refinement and class to the wearer's look.

The product code 23SBLUC11121-888 uniquely identifies the garment, confirming its authenticity and originality. Thanks to the taped details that embellish the jacket, this turns into a real must-have for the modern and fashion-conscious man.

Wearing a Blauer jacket means embracing a unique and unmistakable style, which stands out for its elegance and sophisticated design. Choosing this item means investing in a quality item that will add class and charm to your wardrobe.
Color: Blue
Size: 3XL
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