Blauer Women's Jackets - Leather Lined Shoulder Jacket - Green

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The Blauer women's green lined shoulder leather jacket is an elegant and high quality item of clothing. Made of 100% top quality leather, this jacket stands out for its resistance and durability over time. Its product code, 23SBLDL02181-731, identifies a one-of-a-kind garment, perfect for those looking for a sophisticated and refined look.

The refined style of this jacket matches perfectly with any outfit, guaranteeing a touch of elegance on every occasion. Its green shade gives a touch of originality and freshness to the look, making it suitable for any season of the year.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable and practical garment for your days in the city, or you want to add a touch of class to your evening outfits, the Blauer women's jacket in green lined shoulder leather is the ideal choice. Don't miss the opportunity to add this unique and versatile piece to your wardrobe.
Color: Green
Size: XS
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