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Mc2 Saint Barth Men's Shorts and Swim Shorts - Ultralight Swim Short - nd

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The Mc2 Saint Barth - Ultralight Swim Short - nd men's shorts and shorts are the must have for the summer! Made of 100% polyester, they guarantee lightness and comfort in every situation. The product code LIG0003-SQUIDLY FISH 6194 indicates the unique and original model of these shorts, which stand out for their unique and refined style. Perfect for an elegant look on the beach or by the pool, these shorts are the ideal choice for those looking for comfort and elegance in a single garment. Ideal to combine with a polo shirt or a light shirt, they will always make you feel at the top. Buy Mc2 Saint Barth men's shorts and shorts now and discover the unique quality and style of this renowned brand.
Color: nd
Size: S
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