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Elisabetta Franchi

Elisabetta Franchi Women's Short Sleeve Tracksuits - Tracksuit - Black

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The Elisabetta Franchi Donna short-sleeved jumpsuits are the perfect garment for a woman who wants an elegant and contemporary look. Made of 100% high quality material (composition not specified), these tracksuits are a versatile garment that is suitable for different occasions, from free time to the most elegant evenings.

The Product Code TU03032E2-110 uniquely identifies this item of clothing, which stands out for its unique and refined style. Black is a timeless choice that gives the suit a timeless elegance, perfect for those who want to stand out with class and style.

With Donna Elisabetta Franchi short-sleeved jumpsuits, you will always be the center of attention, thanks to the attention to detail and the quality of the materials used. Elegant and sophisticated, these jumpsuits are the emblem of Italian style, perfect for a woman who never gives up elegance on every occasion.
Color: Black
Size: IT 40
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