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Elisabetta Franchi

Evening and formal dresses Donna Elisabetta Franchi - Dress - Black

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The Donna Elisabetta Franchi evening and formal dress is a sophisticated and refined item of clothing, perfect for special occasions and elegant events. With a composition of 100% high quality material, this dress guarantees comfort and impeccable fit for an unforgettable evening.

The product code AB33031E2-E84 uniquely identifies this exclusive item of clothing, a symbol of timeless style and class. The black color gives the dress an innate elegance, while the design with attention to the smallest details and the high quality finishes make it a true fashion masterpiece.

The impeccable style and charming silhouette of this dress will be the focal point of any event, guaranteeing the woman who wears it a glamorous and sophisticated look. Thanks to its versatility, this garment lends itself perfectly to being combined with accessories and footwear to create a dream outfit and leave an indelible impression.

Choosing the Donna Elisabetta Franchi evening and formal dress means opting for Italian elegance and refinement, for an unforgettable and unique look that will captivate all eyes. Let yourself be seduced by the timeless beauty of this dress and give your wardrobe a touch of unmistakable class and style.
Color: Black
Size: EN 44
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