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Mc2 Saint Barth

Mc2 Saint Barth Men's Shorts and Swim Shorts - Ultralight Swim Short - Blue

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The Mc2 Saint Barth - Ultralight Swim Short - Blue men's shorts and shorts are a high quality item of clothing ideal for those who love to be elegant even on the beach or in the pool. The 100% polyester composition guarantees a comfortable and lightweight fit, perfect for moving with agility during water activities. The product code LIG0003-05812D uniquely identifies this garment, guaranteeing its originality and authenticity. The style of these shorts is refined and elegant, with thoughtful details and an intense blue shade that adapts perfectly to every body type. By wearing the Mc2 Saint Barth - Ultralight Swim Short - Blue shorts and shorts, you will always be the center of attention for your elegance and taste in dressing.
Color: Blue
Size: 3XL
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